Winter Safety for Children

Winter is hard on everyone, but it can be especially dangerous for kids. Children face different dangers than adults do; they are smaller, less educated, and more impulsive, leaving them vulnerable to innumerable winter hazards.


If you have kids, keep them safe this winter. Make sure they about common dangers and how to avoid them. Knowledge is safety.

Keep Your Kids’ Phones Charged

If your kids have phones, make sure they’re good and charged, especially when venturing out into the cold. A phone can save a live. If your kids crash or are otherwise stranded during extreme winter weather, a fully charged phone will enable to them to call for help and search for relevant safety tips. Emergency responders will have a much easier time finding lost people if they can speak to them.

Watch the Weather

There’s no better way to stay safe from the hazards of winter weather than to know how to avoid winter weather. Watch forecasts, and listen to the advice of public safety officials. Make sure your kids know to stay inside when colds get extreme, if if there’s no snow. Keeping your eyes on weather conditions will ensure that your children stay safe.

Make Sure Your Kids Know the Signs of Frostbite

Your kids need to know how to take care of themselves, You can’t be around to protect them all the time. Frostbite can creep up without warning, and your kids need to understand what it looks life to make sure they get help as soon as they can. Frostbite can cause loss of sensation, changing skin color, and a powerful burning sensation. Tell your kids that if they experience any of these symptoms while out in cold weather, they need to seek help from an adult.

Care for the Family Car

Take care of your car. Whether you have teenagers who drive, or you do all of the driving yourself, you need to make sure your car is in working order. Keep up on your oil changes, always have a full tank of gas, and keep jumper cables in the trunk. A kept up car is much less likely to break down and leave you stranded.


Additionally, your car should be stuffed with emergency supplies. You should keep non-perishable food, extra water, warm blankets, and a charged cellphone in the trunk. These things could buy enough time for you or your loved ones in case of an emergency. And they don’t take up too much space in your car.

Watch Your Children When They Play Outside

If your kids are still young, you should supervise them when they play outside. Don’t let your children run around in cold weather with no one to keep them safe. If it’s snowing hard, or if it’s extremely cold out, keep them inside. And if you do let them out to play or go sledding, watch out. Winter weather can whip itself up without warning, and it’s easy to lose your way in low vision whiteouts.

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