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Rear View Cameras: Car Safety

Many car brands are installing new features and gadgets in their newer models in order to provide drivers with greater comfort and safety when they are on the road. Besides new cars coming on the market with these new technologies, older vehicles can also have these gadgets installed as well. One of the improvements to driver safety are rear view cameras, also known as back-up cameras. These cameras are becoming more and more popular, and represent a standard feature on many of the newer market models. They will also be a mandatory requirement by 2018. The main service these cameras provide is the possibility to properly judge the distance between the vehicle you drive and the other vehicles and objects around you.

Blind zones, Parking, and Traffic

Blind zones, or blind spots, are areas where a driver’s view is obstructed while driving. Rear view mirrors do not necessarily show everything in your surroundings and this can be a cause for accidents and crashes. Rear view cameras allow drivers to better judge what may be behind them as they are backing up. Also, while backing up, many drivers are obligated to turn their heads to get a better view. This poses a potential risk of not seeing any dangers that may appear in the front. Children, seniors and pets behind your vehicle may be imperceptible if you are reversing. Every year, there are about two hundred deaths and tens of thousands of injuries due to lack of sight when backing up. Rearview cameras will show you if a person or pet stands behind you so that casualties will be prevented.

In bigger cities busy parking lots are common and parking can be very frustrating, especially when the driver needs to parallel park. For inexperienced drivers, it is not uncommon to graze or bump into other cars while trying to maneuver into a tight spot. The reverse cameras will give you enough confidence to safely park and help improving your skills, meanwhile minimizing your risk for an accident.

These cameras are especially useful in traffic. If you live in a city with heavy congestion of vehicles, rush hour can be stressful and dangerous. This can help you avoid accidents. According to the Tate Law website, which are Dallas accident attorneys, “Regardless of what types of vehicles are involved in an accident (car, truck, SUV), an auto collision directs vast amounts of energy through the automobile and into the occupants’ bodies. This energy can cause a variety of bodily injuries.” Having cameras in your vehicle can help you better judge traffic, assist you when changing lines, and help you move through traffic more easily and safely. It can show you precisely where you can move and how much space you have, so even a busy highway or street won’t seem as stressful or intimidating.

Rear View Camera Installation

There are some other things a car owner should know about these cameras. A new car model with installed cameras may cost much more than a car that doesn’t have them. Yet, buying a new camera isn’t that expensive, and the procedure of having one installed is simple. Consider buying a car that doesn’t have a camera and installing one afterwards as an option to save some cash when purchasing a vehicle. The weather and time of day may also affect how the camera functions; getting a higher quality one is advised. Also, keep in mind that technology upgrades fast, and improved cameras appear consistently. Do your research when shopping around for the right one to help keep you and your family safe.

Does your vehicle have a rear view camera? Do you find them necessary? Please leave your comments below:

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