Pros and Cons of Hiring a Nanny vs. Day Care

Choosing the Best Type of Child Care

Having a child means that there will come a time when you may have to consider hiring a nanny or enrolling your child in day care. Like any difficult and important decision, it’s wise to weigh the pros and cons of each option before making a final decision.

Is Nanny Care Well-Suited For You?

The “Pros” of Hiring a Nanny include:

• The one-on-one care is important, especially when the child is a baby
• The nanny will work in your home, making it more comfortable for your child to stay in a familiar environment
• More convenient and less hassle, as you don’t have to pack diaper bags, etc.
• Your child will be less sick than if he was in daycare
• More flexibility in scheduling and having more control over what your child is taught
The “Cons” for Hiring a Nanny may include:

• Individual care may be more expensive than other day care facilities
• You may not find the “perfect” nanny right away, making it stressful to find one that works well
• Having a stranger in your home with the child all day may be uncomfortable
• No guarantees that your child will not be mistreated or given the quality of care you expect
• Hiring a nanny means payroll, taxes, vacation time, insurance, sick/personal days, vacations, and finding a back-up sitter when your nanny is unavailable

Maybe Day Care is a Better Choice?

The “Pros” of Having your Child Enrolled in Day Care include:

• May be a more affordable child care option
• Your child will be supervised by more than one adult (in many cases)
• Many Day cares must meet state regulations for sanitation and safety
• Your privacy is protected since there will not be anyone in your home
• Socialization with other children is a key component
The “Cons” of Having your Child Enrolled in Day Care include:

• Your child is more susceptible to illness due to picking up germs/viruses
• More prep is needed in the morning
• Employee turnover may be high
• When your child is sick you may be forced to miss work
• Your child will have to conform to a schedule he is not used to (as opposed to the one you have at home)
• Little flexibility for scheduling or control

Choose with Your Child in Mind

In a perfect world, you would most likely prefer to stay home with your child until he reaches school age, but staying home doesn’t pay the bills.  Whether you choose day care or a nanny, you will be facing a financial investment in your child’s development and overall well-being.  Take the time to decide who will take care of your child when you are at work, as it is an important decision that will impact your child.  If you are unsure of the child care path you wish to take, talk to friends or family members who have children in child care.  Are they satisfied with the choices they made?  Do they feel like their child is receiving the best care possible and is their child thriving because of their choice?   Take the time to choose and always choose with your child in mind.

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