Marvelous Motherly Love

In China, Xiang Liujia sacrificed her life for the safety of her child when they were both involved in an escalator accident. This was not simply extraordinary strength; she did not jump off the escalator with her child in tow, but she tossed her baby off without any leverage for her feet, which were being swallowed by the escalator, mere seconds before she was crushed. In those few seconds, all of Xiang Liujia’s thoughts were on the safety of her child. You only need to imagine the crushing pain that she must have been feeling in those moments. Every muscle must have felt as though it was on fire, all the bones snapping into pieces and sending jolt after jolt of mind shattering pain up her spine, her sight must have been blurry, every vision behind a red film of torture, and in all of that, her first instinct was the safety of her son.

Hysterical Strength

You may have heard of hysterical strength and the strange abilities and strength that people – especially mothers – have in times of danger. There have been many stories where mothers lift cars to save their babies or children, instances such as in 2006 when Lydia Angiyou fought a polar bear to save her kids, and so many others. The underlying factor in all of these stories is the strange ability that these mothers have exhibited in those times of danger to their children. These abilities have been discussed and theorized over years, and while scientifically it has been attributed to an overflow of adrenaline, it does not account for the heedless disregard of her own safety that the mother exhibits at that time. The mother does not care about the danger to her own life when faced with a danger to the life of her child.

A Mother Would Do Anything

This is the strange thing about a mother’s love: Mothers would do anything for their children. The ability to shut down an entire system of pain and channel every thought and sensation to the security of the child that they love is nothing short of marvelous. Children are a gift, and mothers understand that more than others. It is easy to recognize that the abilities that mothers exhibit in the protection of their own is due to the love and bond that they share. Some have theorized that the reason for this love is the chemistry between the mother and child that is developed during breastfeeding and gestation, and the process of care and protection in the early months and years that come with cleaning, bathing, and teaching of other necessary life assistance processes.

Powerful Love

Whatever the reason behind a mother’s love, whether based on chemistry or a process, a mother’s love is powerful. This connection and exhibition of love can be when a fetus responds to the mother’s call with a belly kick, when a baby smiles at the sound of his mother’s voice, and when a mother lifts a car 10 times her weight, or jumps into a busy intersection to save her child. It is an iron-clad bond and marvelous love between a mother and her child.

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