Childhood Obesity

french-fries-779292__180The number of overweight or obese children has increased dramatically over the last 30 years. Obesity is now surpassing smoking as a health problem. If action isn’t taken, obesity is likely to continue throughout lives. We don’t want our children to be having shorter lives than ourselves.
Obesity can bring many problems such as Diabetes and Cancer.
So, what steps need to be taken? Is Education the answer?
Parents and Children need to realize what they are eating is having an effect.
Education is part of the answer, but a lot more can be done. Part of the solution for smoking has been the adding of a tax, which equals higher prices. This should be a deterrent. Some countries have goals of been smoke free by a certain date.  Sound Optimistic?  Setting goals is the best way to reach targets. More information could also be in places as Retailers and on Food Packaging. This will help some make better choices when shopping.
At times it seems Government is held accountable for too much. Parents are responsible for what is on their children’s plate, what they are eating everyday. Parents are the biggest influence in a child’s early years. What parents put in place should last a life time.
Children aren’t as active as they were 30 years ago. Technology has changed the way we all spend our time. How many hours do your children spend with the tablet or in front of the computer? 30 years ago children were playing more sports, going on more adventures. Sport could be made more accessible. Maybe the likes of sports fees could be more affordable.

Tackling Obesity could start as early as when a child is in a mother’s womb.

At what level is the mother-to-be weight at?
How much weight should she gain during pregnancy?
Should she be eating extra food for her baby?
How long should breast feeding last?

The simplest thing to look at is what we are eating. Are your children receiving vegetables and fruit?  How often do you have takeaways?

Advertising plays a part in some’s thinking. When you see that McDonald’s Advert, do you feel like having a Big-Mac?

It’s up to the individual to make the correct choices. Are you making good ones?



Bryce Rae is the Stay At Home Dad behind Positive Epilepsy & NZ Home Business. Positive Epilepsy is a blog about his journey with Epilepsy and his life as a Stay At Home Dad. He also looks at other health issues.

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