5 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe from Common Hazards

Children bring an enormous amount of joy to a family. They laugh, roll around, and amuse you as they experience common things for the first time. That innocence, however, also leads makes them very vulnerable to common household object. Adults have years of experience to keep them safe, but children lack that knowledge, putting them in constant mild- to- serious danger in their own homes. Here are a few common household items which can pose serious danger to your young one.


Deadly chemicals are sneaky. They often look exactly like nutritious (or at least safe) household beverages. Antifreeze looks like some exotic new Mountain Dew, gasoline like cola, etc. Children may be unaware of what they’re getting into as they stumble onto a hidden bottle of odd colored liquid.

What you can do: First, speak with your kids as soon as they’re able to understand the dangers presented by these potent poisons. Second, mark toxic substances with a Mr. Yuk sticker or other kind of hazard warning. Third, and most importantly, keep  deadly chemicals locked up. No amount of education can prevent a curious young child from certain mistakes. If the kid can’t find it, she can’t drink it. Lock poisonous substances up.

Sharp Objects

A sharp knife can look like a toy to a toddler, especially if he watches violent media. Cartoons and video games may make cuts and stabbings look like no big deal to some kids. And with falls and breaks, common objects like water glasses can transform into pointy perils.

What you can do: Again, begin by keeping sharp objects at bay. Knives, scissors, and other obvious sources of cuts should be locked away and hard to reach. For common, necessary objects, stick to safe substances. Drink from plastic cups, use safety scissors, etc. Also, speak with children about the dangers posed by sharp objects. Odds are, kids have experienced a nasty cut or two at some point and will be responsive to safety discussion.

Actual Weapons

Guns and other hunting equipment, martial arts gear, and decorative weapons pose serious danger for children. These object were designed to inflict injury on human beings and other living creatures. Leaving these lying around a home that has kids is taking a big, bad risk.

What you can do: Do not allow your children to access these types of items. The easiest way to do this is simply to not own them, of course. Still, some parents may invest great importance in their dangerous belongings, and in these cases: keep these objects locked up. If you have guns, lock them up unloaded, and keep ammunition locked somewhere separately. Gun deaths among children are very common and absolutely preventable.

The Car

Cars can be dangerous for everyone, but children are especially vulnerable while driving. A small wreck can permanently damage a child for life.

What you can do: Get good car safety equipment. A child safety seat, good seat belts, and—eventually, when appropriate—airbags can keep you driving happily. And drive safely to avoid danger entirely.  

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