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How To Keep Track of Your Kids During Family Outings

Summer vacation is a fun time for the whole family. Planning fun summer activities is an exciting venture. There’s trips to the zoo, local parks, the beach, and museums. The possibilities are endless! Yet fun times can turn into tragedy if we’re not careful. As we’ve seen in recent news stories, tragedies can occur no matter how alert we are. We can’t always control our circumstances or surroundings, but we can take steps to ensure a safer time when we’re out having quality family time, especially when it comes to keeping track of your kids.


Let’s face it, the world isn’t what it used to be. Consider having a family meeting to remind your kids the importance of not talking to strangers. Have open and honest conversations about staying together during family outings. Create scenarios, role play if you must. Help them understand the importance of staying close together during activities. Kids are adventurous creatures. It’s also easy to get lost when you’re out in public places. Take practical steps to ensure that you have safe and happy family activities together!


Practical Safety Tips


If you’re planning a special trip, whether it’s a trip to Disneyworld or the carnival, it’s important to help your children be aware of their surroundings. It’s easy to get lost when there’s a lot of people around. Taking steps to ensure the safety of your family is very important. You may even want to read your kids Curious George books to explain to them the importance of listening and following directions.


Consider the following options to help keep track:


Squeaky shoes Sure, they’re loud and sometimes annoying to hear.. If you have a curious toddler, you know how easy it is to lose track of them. They get distracted easily! Yet those noisy shoes are a reminder of where your little ones are.


Stroller. If you have several little ones, you may want to look into a heavy-duty stroller to keep them together. It’s tough to carry kids on your shoulders or on your side when it’s hot. It can also get tiresome. Having the option of a stroller is a good way to keep them together and under a shade as you enjoy walks in the summer months.


Develop a buddy system. If you have multiple children, it’s important to teach the older ones to keep count of their younger siblings. Have your kids develop a buddy system so that they walk in-hand-together. If one needs to use the restroom for instance, have the eldest accompany them to make sure they’re okay and keep safe. Public bathrooms can be highly unsanitary. Help your kids understand the importance of washing hands and proper use of toiletry to avoid any contamination.


Be aware of danger zones. Always be aware of your surroundings when you’re visiting places. If you come across “safety” or “beware” signs, ask questions. There’s no need to inflict fear or paranoia in your kids. Guide them, speak to them and answer their questions.


Plan Carefully


Aside from outside safety, make sure that your kids are drinking plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the summer. You can never be too careful when it comes safety. Make the most of your summer and have lots of fun!

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